Monday, 21 April 2014

Cotton Craft Shah Alam


Yeah, it's Monday again. A typical Monday where everything seems so wrong and the world started to be dull. Is it really dull? Well for me, it is. I wonder what am I going to be in the coming 20 years time. Am I able to watch tv or am I going to be an old lady just like in Courage The Cowardly Dog cartoon? She really enjoys her daily life. Or am I going to be a mature looking hacker? Who knows. (yeah, I was dying to be a computer hacker during my school day)

I was attending my weekend classes as usual when my sister brought me to an unusual lunch spot which was really a nice place to relax my mind after a 4 hour lectures. 

the cotton craft. 
A cute cozy cafe situated at a corner of a quiet building area. Painted in white and baby blue in colour. Furnished with simply white stools, chairs and table. In short, it is "an ease for a piece of  mind" cafe to enjoy your lunch especially for me as a law student sitting for 4 hours lectures. :)

Enough say, let's have a sneak peek of the cute cotton craft cafe.

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